The visitors of Copi's will have the opportunity to combine business with pleasure by enjoying an ice-cream while looking at the samples of digital printing products which we offer. During the exhibition we will demonstrate samples printed on textile, lorry tarpaulins laminated with liquid laminate, the capacity of the latex printing technology, new and interesting products for  Calendaria 2014.

Direct sublimation printing on textile is a service which is gaining vast popularity quickly. During our first participation in the Copi's exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to see textile samples printed on Dgen Teleios 74/V6.

We have been using liquid laminator SEAL SW3300 since 2009 for the processing of solid, flexible and soft materials. The innovative system AquaSEAL applies and dries liquid laminate onto various kinds of PVC foil and vinyl for protection from moisture, abrasive materials, UV and chemical protection of the print thereon.  The technology is mostly
used  in the production of lorry tarpaulin covers, vehicle graphics, backlit displays, tents, billboards and  where long useful life of the impression is required (5+ years). During the exhibition the visitors of our stand will personally convince themselves  about the quality of the laminated materials which we offer. 

This year we expanded our machine stock with a new 3.2-meter HP Scitex LX850 printer, offering high quality printing at actual manufacturing rates, with the use of a modern environmentally friendly latex technology. The excellent quality of the image  with a 6-colour printing, high resolution of up to 1200 dpi and original media allow us to produce posters, interior decoration, stickers, vehicle covers, etc.
For the calendar year 2014 we have prepared a wide variety of single-sheet, multiple-sheet, desktop and working calendars, spiral notebooks and notepads, 3D postcards, etc.  

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