The finishing processes that we offer include:

  • varnishing, laminating
  • folding and sewing
  • gluing, die cutting
  • cutting, hot printing, binding
  • mechanical preparation for folding 
  • contour cutting of flat boards 
  • edge gluing and perforating





Varnishing is intended to protect the product and to give it a luxury appearance. This process consists in the application of varnish coating on the paper, which polymerizes under the effect of UV radiation. Varnishing can be full or partial. 



Laminaiton can be hot or cold. The purpose of this finishing process is to protect the media from external influence, ink smear, dampness, contamination and at the same time to make the sheet stronger. During the hot lamination, the laminate adheres to the media by using a heated roll laminators. The company offers several types of hot laminate - matte, gloss, velvet, etc. During the cold lamination, glue is applied directly onto the foil and it adheres to the media. 


Embossing and hot printing


Die cutting is the process of cutting the product in a specific shape. This is made by using sharp steel knives, which form the die, where the cutting possibilities are almost unlimited – squares, circles, rounded ends, grooves, etc. Some products can be perforated or prepared for folding. The preparation for folding consists in the placement of a “groove” where the material can be folded.   


There are different types of folding. Some of them include folding in half with a single fold or accordion fold (also called harmonica) with two or more folds. When it comes to folding brochures, catalogues, newspapers and magazines, certain specific moments need to be considered. What is meant here is the so called page arrangement (imposition). The purpose of this is the arrangement of the pages on the large printing sheet so that after the process of folding and binding they have the right order and sequence. We are doing this by using a special software. Pages can be arranged to be bound like a notebook by using metal clips (in which case each individual printed sheet is placed into the other), or to be glued (in which case individual printed sheets are compiled one after the other and then aligned). 






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