Printing files requirements
Printing files requirements

We will fulfill your orders faster and without problems if you follow this requirements.

Input file formats:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Acrobat, InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop);
  • EPS and PS (to Postscript 3);
  • PDF format (to version 1.5);
  • JPG and TIFF;
  • In case that you don't specify any colour profile, we assume that are used the following ones:    
  • for CMYK elements - FOGRA 39/Euroscale Coated v2;                                      
  • for RGB elements - Adobe RGB (1998).                                 

Input raster images:  

  • half-tone (CMYK and Grayscale) - 300 dpi (min. 200 dpi);
  • stroke (Bitmap) - 1270 dpi (min. 600 dpi);
  • total ink in a single point (total ink limit) 300%.

Additional colours/operations:

  • all additional colours should be described under the Pantone Matching System;
  • finishing operations (hot printing, die cutting, partial varnish coating, etc.) should be described in the file as direct colour, with overprint attributes and operation name.


  • fonts should be converted into curves or all of them should be attached;  
  • important elements (logo, text) should be at least 5 mm away from the cutting area;
  • main texts in black under 20 pt or thin columns should be in one colour (К);
  • images should be free from additional colour/masking channels, layers and paths.


  • the art board should be equal to the cut page size;
  • cutting tolerance – min. 2 mm (may reach up to 5 mm depending on the product);
  • avoid the use of transparency.

Colour overlapping:

  • 0.05 – 0.07 mm (0.15 – 0.20 pt) depending on the element size;
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