Digital printing


Digital printing describes the process of transferring the image from a computer file onto a physical carrier – paper or another printed media.It is designed for small numbers of printed copies, up to 200-300 sheets. The laser printing technology offers excellent quality and speed in the manufacturing of the products.  

All kinds of paper products can be suitable for digital laser printing (business cards, catalogues, flyers, posters, brochures, stickers, menus, folders, packaging, calendars, etc.), also the frequently used personalized products (cards, badges, certificates, invitations, envelopes). 

  • Uniformity of all printed copies
  • No minimum quantity requirement
  • Lower unit prices for smaller numbers of copies
  • Printing on pearl, spectacular and structured cardboard
  • Opportunity for personalization – printing of variable information, where each printed copy is unique
Main characteristics:
  • Sheet format: 330x488 mm
  • Printable area: 320x470 mm
  • Printing speed up to 1500 sheets/hour, colour  printing, 1650 sheets/hour, b/w printing
  • Resolution up to 2400 dpi


digital print


We have a professional digital dull-colour printing machine Xerox for smaller numbers of printed copies. 



Offset printing

Unlike digital, offset printing technology is designed for printing medium and large number of printed copies. Both technologies differ in the method of transfer the ink on the paper – with offset we have a carrier (plate), therefore the printing quality is better.

All kinds of paper products are suitable for offset printing (catalogues, brochures, flyers, posters, labels, packaging, etc.), self-adhesive foils , heavy packing cardboard sheets, 250-350 g/square meter.


  •  High quality of printing
  •  Unit prices of the products decreased with increasing circulation
  •  Printing on a variety of materials
  •  Printing of direct colours (Pantone, metallic) and varnish.


Haidelberg KBA Rapida


We have a dry offset printing machine Heidelberg QM DI Pro for medium numbers of printed copies and an offset machine KBA Rapida 75E 4+L for large numbers of printed copies.


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